Interview with Myra DuBois

Currently touring with the 'Be Well Tour'

How has the ‘Be Well’ tour been for you?  Any highlights so far?

How it's been for me is inconsequential. The important question is how has it been for my audiences, and quite honestly Curtain Calls, it's been life-changing for them. They entered my auditorium dejected, miserable and, can I say it, broken. And how did they leave? REBORN! 


Do you enjoy the audience interaction within your show and how to do you find the reactions?

My favourite moment of any show has been when the lucky AdMyra plucked from obscurity is invited onto my stage. It warms my heart to see them, skipping up those steps to the stage like a sickly child about to meet Micky Mouse. They can't believe their luck! Sometimes as they leave the stage, after I've improved and uplifted them with compassionate critique, I hear them mutter "what did I do to deserve that?". That's the problem with people these days, they don't believe they deserve nice things like my advice. 


Do you have a favourite section of the show?

The end. Not because I'm about to leave the stage to the comfort of my dressing room mini-bar, that's not the reason at all and quite frankly I resent you suggesting it. No, it's standing there, receiving my applause, that tsunami of adoration, and knowing that I've earned it. I compare them to how I first saw them, and marvel at my own ability to uplift and improve. Then I go to my dressing room mini bar.


How long does a full show take you to create and are you always writing new material?

"Writing" "Material" - please. A venerated televised personality like myself chained to a typewriter like a monkey tapping out Shakespeare? No. My words occur to me in the moment, direct from the higher power guiding me in my divine purpose. I do NOT make it up as I go along, that's not what I said. 


Who are your comedy heroes?

I've no time for comedy. Sorry. My work is too important. People might laugh during my shows but it's not with my encouragement. I don't tell jokes. I expose social truths. If the public laugh, that's up to them. I do always pop Morecambe and Wise on at Christmas though, I can't say I don't because I do.


I have had the pleasure of seeing you perform at the UK Pantomime Association Awards on two occasions now and we were treated to a wonderful vocal performance on each occasion.  Do you have aspirations of starring in a musical in the future?  If so, which one?

It would have to be an original piece or else it would erase the work of the actress that came before me. A few bars from me on the balcony of the Casa Rosada and it would be 'Elaine Who'? and I couldn't do that. Not to Elaine. 


What is next for Myra DuBois?  

Well in the immediate, immediately after I've finished dictating these responses to my staffer I shall retire for a soak in the bathroom and en-suite mini bar. In the general, I'm currently in training for panto season, oh yes I am. I've had a rigorous and merciless diet plan and exercise regime planned by top PTs and dietitians who've taken a few weeks off Camilla to sort me out. I'll be starting that ASAP. Any time now. Once I've finished these Quality Streets that I don't want to go off. And those Mince Pies that me sister Rose brought round. And the en-suite mini bar shall need emptying because I can really begin...

Myra DuBois will be touring her 'Be Well' tour until the 16th November 2023.

For tickets and for future Myra announcements visit: BE WELL: UK Tour – Myra DuBois

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