Punchdrunk Enrichment - Enitan's Game

The website mentions, "tucked away off a busy road in Wembley is a special place," and they are correct on both counts. When you first turn a corner, it does look like there are only warehouses in the area. However, further down, you will see the distinctive storefront of the Punchdrunk Enrichment Stores, with the box office sign just next door.

I arrived early and was warmly greeted by the team. There are books to read and games to play as you wait, along with water and lockers, so don’t worry if you’re traveling with extra baggage.

From the holding area, we were taken next door to the store. The interactivity begins there as one of the children is asked to knock on the door. Throughout the performance, children are invited to join in, answer phones, find objects, and solve puzzles. The day I went, we had some real characters among the kids—one was rather opinionated and knew everything, calling out answers with a clear voice, while others were a little more shy and needed encouragement from their parents to participate. The performers were fantastic at listening to everyone and making them all feel involved. We had Julian Smith as Ged and Rachael Oriowo as Enitan during our experience. There was a lovely moment when Smith was playing one of the games, and all the kids were cheering him on.

I won’t spoil much about the story or the games, but in its simplest form, it is about remembering people and the good times you've shared.

Pulling off this wonderful immersive show must have taken a lot of creative talents. The Co-Creator, Director, Designer, and Games Consultant all have Co-Writer credits, highlighting how much work has gone into the show.

Usually, I would list names for those whose work stands out, but once again we have an entire Build Team to commend. It was magical. As you walk into the shop, there are numerous items to see and touch. Some you might recognise or find interestingly quirky. We made our way into the courtyard, and as you would expect from a Punchdrunk production, it looked just like a cross-section of reality. So much so, I am not sure the children even realised they were inside.

A truly magical show, allowing children to run around and explore. There are adult-only performances, but if you're anything like me, this might make the show take twice as long, as I was amazed at the speed the children found the items. Additionally, there are relaxed and BSL performances, and the website also states it is wheelchair accessible with door widths of 800mm.

It's not just a must-see show, but a must-do show. If you have any young ones, they will adore this. Better yet, bring a whole party with you. On the note of parties, at the end of the show, they start to set up for a party. However, it was at this time someone opened the door. I am unsure if this was to indicate we could leave or that it was the end. Were we meant to stay and dance? I hope so; that would have been perfect.

This experience was reviewed on the 29th June 2024 and runs until the 1st September 2024.  Tickets available here: Enitan's Game | Punchdrunk Enrichment

Review written by Valentine Gale-Sides


Photo credit: Ali Wright

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