Escape from The Golden Hinde

“This adventure is well worth embarking on"

Avast, me hearties! Gather 'round and listen close as I tell ye about the grand adventure known as "Escape from the Golden Hinde: A Secret Studio Adventure."

Now, I be a humble swashbuckler, and I'd never set foot in one of them escape rooms before. But this be somethin' entirely different, mateys, aye it be! Before we were granted permission to board that mighty ship, a replica of the vessel sailed by none other than Sir Francis Drake himself, a scallywag from the cast approached us, demandin' the secret code as our ticket aboard. It be a right fine start to the escapade, settin' the stage for the fantastical journey ahead.

While our crew waited for a tardy matey, we had a grand time watchin' the pirates entertain other curious landlubbers who dared to come close and sneak a peek at the ship. The performers, they stayed in character the whole way through, and our band of adult adventurers gladly played along, sharin' jests and jestin' with 'em, creatin' an atmosphere that'd make Blackbeard himself proud.

Now, as they stayed in character, there were times when modern pirate speak was needed, such as speaking of health and safety at the start. And by Davy Jones' locker, we got to pick our own crew name – and we settled on 'Deck-heads,' a moniker fittin' for the maritime mystery ahead.

But heed this, me hearties: if ye have any concerns or doubts, take a gander at their website's FAQs, for they answer almost every question ye might have. And while ye be readin', make sure to take heed of their warnin': "There be steep stairs, low ceilings..." Some quarters have ceilings so low ye'll be more comfortable sittin' on crates or the deck itself, so dress the part and wear the right footwear. They do provide hard hats, but try climbin' steep stairs with the wrong boots, and ye'll be walkin' the plank in no time.

Now, without spillin' the beans on the adventure itself, I can tell ye this: ye'll be explorin' the ship from stem to stern, unravelin' mysteries, learnin' bits about Sir Francis Drake, and ponderin' matters of morality. Crew members'll pop in from time to time, offerin' time checks or singin' sea shanties with clues aplenty, addin' to the thrill of the chase.

But the heart and soul of this adventure be the company ye keep – how ye work together, or perhaps don't. Ye be timed, and once ye complete the quest, they'll hand ye the time it took. If ye be part of a hearty crew, try splittin in two to best each other in record and complete it in record time.

As for me and me 'Deck-Heads,' we be a lively bunch who ended up chattin' with the pirates, sharin' jests, and hoistin' a few tankards, almost forgettin' we were racin' against the clock. And once we triumphed in our quest, the cast were more than happy to have a parley with us about our choices, the ship's history, and the tales we'd uncovered. In this chat, they even passed us an information scroll, a treasure we might've missed if we were too eager to set sail from the scene.

In the end, we all had ourselves a whale of a time, both durin' the game and after the grand event. Escape from the Golden Hinde be an immersive and entertainin' escapade, perfect for them seekin' a fresh twist on the usual escape room antics. Whether ye be an old hand at these adventures or a greenhorn like me, this journey be a treasure worth seekin'. So, me hearties, ready yer sea legs, for the Golden Hinde awaits, and adventure beckons.

***** 5 gold doubloons

Escape from The Golden Hinde is moored at St Mary Overie Dock, Cathedral Street, London, SE1 9DE.  Tickets available here: Escape from the Golden Hinde: Live Escape Game on a Real Pirate Ship | A Secret Studio Adventure (

Review written by Valentine Gale-Sides


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