Dad's Army Radio Show

Dad’s Army was and is a beloved British sitcom of the sixties and seventies. First written for TV and then adapted for radio, it’s probably fitting that it has now been re-interpreted for the stage, as a radio programme! The stage is set as a simple radio station: two microphones, two scripts and two very impressive vocal actors. As the “On Air” sign is lit the actors take to the stage, accompanied by the sound of the iconic theme tune.

With the death of Ian Lavender – to which this show is dedicated, sadly none of the main characters are still alive. “Don’t panic” as Corporal Jones might have cried, step forward co-creators of this stage adaptation, David Benson and Jack Lane who together voice every single voice of 3 episodes of the bygone TV sitcom – as if being recorded for radio. “Do you think that’s wise, sir?” Wilson might have asked, but with Lane and Benson’s impressions and vocal dexterity, the old scripts of Perry and Croft are in good hands. Indeed, both are to be commended – they work hard to get all the inflections and phrases right. Whilst appearing to love every minute of the performance.

The demographic of the audience is generally older than most groups attending the theatre, but there is a scattering of younger people enjoying the genteel humour. The love of the material among all age groups is infectious. Every titter from the audience is acknowledged and received by the performers.

After the initial amazement at how well Benson and Lane get to grips with the voices of the various characters the novelty does somewhat wear off. Of the three episodes we hear, 'The Love of Oranges' and 'The Making of Private Pike' are the strongest and top and tail the evening. Of course, the comedy was always a little dated - being set in the early 1940’s, so the guys are no so much flogging a dead horse as reviving a by-gone age.

I’m sure that those who have fond memories of Dad’s army will love this show. Will it attract a new audience to the show or to the theatre – I’m not so sure. The Winton’s Music Hall (where this show was reviewed) has a history that goes back to 1859. Built by John Wilton to bring West End Glamour to the East End. This production certainly brings back a 1970’s humour into the house – and does what is says on the tin!

This show was reviewed on the 17th June 2024 at Wilton's Music Hall, London where it runs until the 22nd June 2024.  Tickets available here: Dad’s Army Radio Show - Wilton's (

Review written by Paul Wood


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