Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett

"An evening of unapologetic extravagance"

Venturing into the vibrant world of Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett at Underbelly Boulevard proved to be an evening full of unapologetic extravagance. Stepping foot into the venue for the first time, the quaint setting of a small round stage encircled by an arrangement of ground and elevated chairs, while the allure of balcony seats can be seen above.

With the performance unfolding in the round, it guaranteed a view from every angle, while the band is tucked into a corner behind the seating. Having them onstage could potentially impede the view for some, it fortunately steered clear of the traditional pit setting. You couldn't help but notice the provocative costumes, ranging from risqué lingerie to bold PVC ensembles, setting the tone for an evening not meant for the faint-hearted.

Assuming the role of the master of ceremonies, Bernie Dieter seamlessly orchestrated the night's festivities, blending musical numbers with intermittent dialogues. Accompanied by the versatile band, Dieter's performance set the stage for an impressive array of talent.

Kicking off the evening, Dr Chris Talbot PhD took centre stage, capturing the audience with an awe-inspiring display of pole acrobatics, fearlessly navigating the space in a pair of heels that defied convention. A breath-taking performance that challenged norms and transcended expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the evening's repertoire.

The temperature soared as Bella graced the stage, wielding fire batons with grace while seamlessly intertwining acrobatic stunts. Setting the night ablaze, she pushed the boundaries by igniting her own boot attachments, elevating the spectacle to unprecedented heights. Later in the evening she performed a hair-raising aerial act suspended solely by her hair, Bella's audacious performance left an indelible imprint etched in the memory of all in attendance.

The Seifert Sisters, a dynamic duo, mesmerised with a series of aerial displays, seamlessly intertwining grace and dexterity as they balanced and entwined, showcasing a breath-taking blend of flexibility and acrobatics that held the audience spellbound.

Concluding the night's revelries, Joe Keeley took to the stage with a silks routine that defied gravity, enthralling onlookers with a series of perilous drops and turns that underscored the evening's theme of audacious performances and fearless artistry.

Not so in keeping with the nature of other cabaret events, it was advisable to buy refreshments before the acts commenced or during the intermission to ensure an uninterrupted immersion into the show's mesmerising world. However like other acts there was no programme so names have been taken from linked social media.

Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett delivered an exquisite night entertainment, blending daring acts, seductive performances, and an atmosphere pulsating with an irresistible energy.

This show was reviewed on the 24th October 2023.  Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett plays at Underbelly Boulevard, London until the 6th January 2024.  Tickets available here: Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett | Underbelly Boulevard

Review written by Valentine Gale-Sides


Photo credit: Craig Sugden

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